Brain Mapping

We deliver a comprehensive 36-page profile explaining your personal brain map. Your consultant will explain your 10 Innate Intellects, your personality type with its strengths and weaknesses, your learning style (auditory, kinesthetic or visual) and so much more.

Career Guidance

Building your career is important to you. Having the right tools to better yourself and excel in everything you do is something that IMI Infinity can provide through your own brain mapping profile. Discover your innate intellects, learning style and personality traits.

Educational Institutions

You hold your students’ future in your hands. With IMI Infinity’s Brain Mapping technology, you can take education to the next level by assisting student to work within their learning styles, engaging their innate intellects and understanding their personality.

Corporate HR

Maximize the potential of your whole staff through Brain Mapping.
Strengthen communications, improve morale and increase productivity. Start your hiring process with an in-depth objective evaluation to ensure you have the best candidates.

Special Education

Special needs children sometimes cannot communicate effectively to explain their feelings or articulate their strengths and weaknesses. You will find more effective ways to connect with your child and help him or her thrive by understanding how that child’s brain works.