Over the last 10 years, IMI has done extensive research and testing to bring about one of the most comprehensive bio-metric based Psychometric revealing how your brain is wired. Today, over 250,000 clients have experienced the life changing evaluations shown in their own 36-page profile.

With our research into multiple intellects, dermatoglyphics, psychology and neuro-science, we have developed a powerful tool that can let you see into your brain. 

Medical science has confirmed the connection between your brain and fingerprints which form between the 10th and 21st week of gestation in the womb. As your brain forms, your fingerprints form at the same time as a reflection of your brain pattern.

The epidermal material in your fingertips is the same as that of your brain, forming a direct link. Unlike any other ridging or creases on our body, our fingerprints are subdermal, meaning that they originate below the skin and so they lie both under and on the skin surface.


The three basic patterns, Whorl, Loop and Arch, show up on each fingertip as a copy of the corresponding lobe of the brain. Your brain and your fingerprints are unique for a reason. No one else is quite like you.

These patterns on your fingertips reveal the speed and style in which your brain will handle various aspects of your innate intellect. This reveals how you both learn (input) and use (output) information.

While our fingerprints do reveal our innate intellects, personality type and learning style, it does not show any of your experience and exposure. Our fingerprints do reveal, however, the best ways for us to learn and study, exposes our strengths and weaknesses in our personality and how it effects our relationships in both business and personal life, and also shows how many ways smart we are by identifying our 10 different innate intellects and how to capitalize on them.