Over the years there have been many psychometrics introduced to help people get a better understanding of who they are and their potentials. Many businesses utilize some form of psychometric to analyze prospective employees. Strengths Finder, Meyers Briggs and DISC are popular models but they all have one major flaw; they are subjective and therefore subject to inaccuracy. 

IMI Infinity provides a new objective approach to psychometrics through a biometric based system. Not only does it take away guess work but provides an in depth understanding about how your brain is wired. A unique aspect of IMI is in the area of identifying the speed and style of how you process information in 10 different parts of your brain which we call Innate Intellects.

The ability to clearly identify your fullest potential as well as strengths and weaknesses is a definite game changer for both individuals, educators, and employers. 

Discover for yourself the power of biometric based brain mapping and see for yourself how you are innately wired.

Jeremy Pisanic