Brain Mapping

Your Brain Mapping begins with completing our Innate Intellect Evaluation with one of our certified technicians.

We will have the results back within just a couple of days and you will get to discover in your detailed report:

  • Your 10 Innate Intellects
    (showing speed & processing style)
  • Your Personality Type
    (with strengths and weaknesses - LIFE model)
  • Your Learning Style
    (Auditory, Kinesthetic or Visual)
  • Brain Dominance and more...


Brain Mapping Articles & Testimonials

  • My Visual Has Come Alive!

    I was very emotional when I first saw my profile. I was first disappointed because I did not have the personality style I wanted to have and secondly I was emotional because as the information was shared and what it meant; it was like my past was flashing in segments through my head and I saw and understood how I got to where I am today, the good and the not-so-good....some things really made sense, even though this probably doesn't make sense. At first I was unimpressed with my fingerprints loo...  Read More...

  • I Wish I Knew This Stuff When I Was In School

    I felt the profile did an excellent job of explaining who I am, and the ways that my mind works...Just because something didn’t describe me at this moment in time, I could relate to the ways I handled things when I was younger. Conversely, I could see how certain aspects had not taken steps towards their potential until I applied myself towards them. I appreciate the knowledge of knowing that I am a lot more logical than I ever expected to be.   Read More...

  • More Confident In Who I Am

    The personality type is right on. I am more Left brain. Infinity????   Read More...

  • A Strength Rather Than A Weakness

    I was amazed at how accurate the information was knowing that all the information was derived from just my fingerprints. I felt that the profile did an excellent job of explaining how my mind works, as well as why my mind thinks the way it does. I found the discussion about the different quotients interesting.   Read More...

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