Brain Mapping

Your Brain Mapping begins with completing our Innate Intellect Evaluation with one of our certified technicians.

We will have the results back within just a couple of days and you will get to discover in your detailed report:

  • Your 10 Innate Intellects
    (showing speed & processing style)
  • Your Personality Type
    (with strengths and weaknesses - LIFE model)
  • Your Learning Style
    (Auditory, Kinesthetic or Visual)
  • Brain Dominance and more...


Brain Mapping Articles & Testimonials

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    Relationship Issues

    Couples are discovering all the wonderful benefits of getting their brain mapping done to help them grow deeper in their relationship and have a greater understanding of the love they have for one another.  Read More...

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    Educational Development

    The educational development of your child is important. It can determine their future career, relationships, success and so much more. IMI has a powerful new technology that can assist in helping your child be the best...  Read More...

  • We Learned A lot About Our Son

    [Our consultant], Jeremy, was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We learned a lot about our son and were given practical ideas to try with him. ~ D.   Read More...

  • It's Not ADHD, I'm A Kinesthetic Learner

    When I was younger I was told I had ADD / ADHD. I was put on Ritalin and told to sit still in school and pay attention. I have also struggled with insomnia since I was young and had trouble connecting with kids my age.   Read More...

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