Brain Mapping

Your Brain Mapping begins with completing our Innate Intellect Evaluation with one of our certified technicians.

We will have the results back within just a couple of days and you will get to discover in your detailed report:

  • Your 10 Innate Intellects
    (showing speed & processing style)
  • Your Personality Type
    (with strengths and weaknesses - LIFE model)
  • Your Learning Style
    (Auditory, Kinesthetic or Visual)
  • Brain Dominance and more...


Brain Mapping Articles & Testimonials

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    Social Challenges

    There are multiple reasons why people have struggles in their social life. Social development is an important issue in both children and adults that affect relationships, career and family dynamics.   Read More...

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    Career Guidance

    Most job seekers are looking for their niche where they can find success and enjoy their career path. While many companies offer a personality assessment, the subjective nature of those assessments do not convey truly accurate...  Read More...

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    ADD & ADHD

    Over the last 25 years ADD / ADHD has been big business for pharmaceuticals and one of the most over-diagnosed "disorders" in America. Our brain mapping shows that most ADHD students are simply kinesthetic learners...  Read More...

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    Learning Disabilities

    Many children, at some point in their education, discover challenges in learning. Sometimes it shows up as a learning disability such as dyslexia or trouble with staying focused. Most of the time the issue really centers around their innate learning style.  Read More...

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